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BACKGROUND The Reinsurance Broking Division of Clarkson Insurance Brokers Ltd was established in 2004, as a fully fledged department of one of the oldest broking houses in the region. In addition to handling routine placements of treaty and facultative business across all classes, the unit is well equipped to handle special risks in East Africa and beyond. OUR OBJECTIVE: To be the reinsurance broker of choice OUR SCOPE The services we currently offer: Portfolio Administration & Management Treaty Design and Placement Treaty Reinsurance Broking Facultative Reinsurance Broking Claims Management Consultancy & Training Retakaful Risk Management Our Products range from General…
Clarkson Insurance Brokers Ltd. provides specialised risk management services. This involves carrying out comprehensive assessment and analysis of risk and exposures, designing various treatment methods to ensure optimum return on equity. What is Risk Management?Risk management is a process that identifies, analyses and economically controls those factors that threaten assets or earning capacity within an organisation. The objective of Risk Management is to identify your risk and categorise it for mitigation of portfolio and risk reduction and to ultimately justify your cost of risk. True risk management is the identification, measurement, and management of risk to provide a targeted return…
Pensions products as offered by Clarkson include: 1. Provident Fund schemesThese are arranged by an employer to provide for their employees a lump sum amount on their retirement. The employer may decide to contribute and exempt the employees from contributing, although in most schemes both the employer and employees contribute towards the fund.On retirement a lump sum amount is paid to the retiring member. 2. Pension SchemesThese are schemes that provide a retiring member with a regular pension, unlike the provident fund schemes which pay out a lump sum payment. A retiring member is allowed under the law to withdraw…
Clarkson offers the following life covers for customers : Life Assurance Products 1. Group Life AssuranceA Group Life policy is arranged for employees of a company, to provide a lump sum amount for a deceased employee's beneficiaries. Cover is normally based on a multiple of an employee's annual salaryA Funeral Expense Rider can be incorporated in the Group Life policy to provide for the deceased member's burial costs.Cover can also be arranged for individual members, for example the self-employed people who may not constitute a group. 2. Mortgage Protection AssuranceThis cover pays the outstanding Mortgage loan to the financiers in…
Under Clarkson's Medical covers, you enjoy benefits such as:- Customized medical covers from a selection of underwriters to suit client's needs. Administration of flexible Self Funded Medical Schemes. Confidential maintenance of Scheme Records and Member data. Access to a countrywide panel of Service Providers. Medical Photo Cards for easy identification at the point of service. Facilitation of admissions / discharges from hospitals. Case Management. 24 Hr Help lines. Benefit Utilization Reports. Free Health Talks / Member Education. Discounted rates from Service Providers accruing from large business volumes. Claims administration anchored on a most reliable Medical System./li> Peace of mind and…



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